XPlore… What’s that?

Project started during summer 2015, XPlore is a futuristic 3D game where humanity was forced to leave our good old planet, following a scientific experiment based on the energy shortage that went wrong (see complete scenario here.

This project aims to combine several types of game play:

Indeed, for now, space games are either combat/simulation (Freelancer), or RTS (Homeworld), or RPG (Mass effect) + a special mention for the X series (ex : X3 – Terran Conflict) for a mix combat/management in real time… And if we combined all that?… Some brief explanations (still a lot of elements remain to be developed):


The careers

  • Colon
  • Combat pilot
  •  Miner
  • Pirate
  • Smuggler
  • Space Marine
  • Trader

So, if the first 5 careers would be dedicated primarily to piloting, for “Space Marine” on the other hand, we would rather expect a game in the 1st or 3rd person…

What is therefore planned is that for each of the careers, 2 modes will beimplemented:

One piloting simulation mode + one FPS style mode.

But what’s the Space Marine gonna do in a fighter? No, a marine won’t pilot combat ships, but on the other hand, he’ll be able to fly a simple shuttle, it would be, for example, in charge for evacuating civilians from a station, transmitting a message, etc.



  • Piloting:

As in any simulatione, XPlore will have its variable difficulties of piloting. Yeah, you don’t fly a freighter like a fighter, do you?

Therefore, the maneuverability, speed and firepower of the ship owned by the player will depend on the experience and financial means of the latter. Nothing fantastic so far.

For the piloting itself, it will be planned a navigation a little more advanced than what I saw until now. In the example of a warp engine, and if you enter the wrong coordinates into the jump computer, you could find yourself right in the heart of a star. Yes this kind of parameters dear to science fiction authors will be included in XPlore.

Another example of navigation: When you enter an unknown system, your database will not necessarily be up to date and you will have to fully explore the system to get the most complete 3D map (a planned cockpit implementation) possible. Thereafter, and once the ship’s database is updated, it will be easy for the player to return to a specific location. Without this, once again, it will be necessary to “Xplore”.

  • Extra vehicular or FPS/3d person mode:

Just like the space marine, the combat pilot, trader or miner will have to move and meet people during the game and accomplish missions on the ground, either to obtain clues for a quest, or to improve his general knowledge.

So yes, all players flying a ship basically may be led to land and interact with their environment (other than space) on a planet, in a city, a shop, etc..

The space marine space will not only be in charge of combat missions and will have to drive land vehicles and transport shuttles

  • Role Play:

Indeed: To progress in the game, everyone will have to show diplomacy, but also firmness during certain negotiations. The final goal, at the Role Playing level, is to know well the culture and lore of the other, wherever he/she is, and therefore, gain experience points (XP) according to :

– Skills related to each career

– Cultural knowledge

– The ability to compromise

… But there too, we can imagine many other things

Races and Species


On your way, you will meet other intelligent species. Let the trigger-happy be warned: The warlike approach will be misguided in most cases. Unless you definitely did not like some of them, in which case you would let them know and you would find yourself considered hostile by the species in question.

Anyway, don’t worry, the player will have his share of battles and he will have a lot to do during the game, whatever the chosen career.

This means that the more the player acquires knowledge about the various species, friends or enemies, the more experience points he will gain.

All this will be delimited by the Role Play provided by the player.

See: Races/Species

Note : Others are planned.



Many factions and corporations are planned in XPlore, some recognized, acting in the open, others not and it will sometimes be necessary to use tricks to achieve its ends. Indeed, no good scenario without plot(s) and the player will have to solve some investigations to progress.

See: Factions/Corporations



As mentioned above, the player will have many planets and systems to visit. Here is the list (continuously updated):

Planets and systems

Important details


  • The project is based on real scientific data, as long as it is possible.

Science now allows us to explain a lot of things and it would be easy to tell stupidies to players. That’s not the point with Xplore!

Indeed, the game will be partly educational. And many systems, planets, technical and/or scientific processes related in the game actually exist, and will be described. If some of the planets or celestial bodies are imaginary, their characteristics will stick as closely as possible to physical reality[/list].

  • All the necessary care will be taken to the artistic part of the project, despite this, the greatest care will also be taken to save system resources so that the game is accessible to the greatest number, and not only to the richest.
  • The game will be mod-able by its future community.
  • The project is currently only bilingual (FR+ENG) but any translation is welcome


If you have any questions or comments, please visit us on the XPlore Forums  or use the Contact page on this website